Inclusive Stories: Meet The Characters

Sheldon Snail

Sheldon is a plucky, yet slovenly little snail who always has things to do and places to go!

Stories: Sheldon Snail’s Sunbathing Session, Sheldon Snail’s Snowman and more. In fact, Sheldon turns up in every story, can you spot him?

Millie the Mermaid

Millie is an anxious young mermaid who always overcomes her fears in the end!

Stories: Millie the Mermaid who Couldn’t Swim.

Webster Witch

Webster is a cantankerous young witch who is always in a muddle! Things never go right for her! Harrumph!

Stories: Webster Witch’s Ugly Potion #53, Webster Witch’s Wacky Weather!

Brenda Badger

Bigoted Brenda Badger hates all hedgehogs and plans to get rid of them from Windy Wood! But will she get her comeuppance?

Stories: “Don’t Play With The Hedgehogs!”

The Siren

The seductive siren uses her song to hypnotise others into doing her evil bidding! Always remember: The siren, she is lyin’!

Stories: Byron and the Siren.

Jessie and Nessie

Jessie is a curious girl who finds a rather unusual new friend whilst holidaying in Inverness!

Stories: My Day At Loch Ness.

The Genie

The Genie has the power to grant wishes to those who set him free! Unfortunately, his hearing isn’t what it once was, so you may not get what you ask for!

Stories: The Mean Green Genie.

Sweaty Pits McTavish

A Scottish superhero who saves the day with the power of perspiration!

Stories: The Amazing Adventures of Sweaty Pits McTavish.

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