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Here are some of Pete’s Special Stories!

sheldon snailSheldon Snail’s Sunbathing Session

An oldie but a goodie here, with some nice little updates. Sheldon is a slow, sloooooooow snail who decides to go to the beach on a hot summers day. By the time he has the things he needs and has crawled there, well, I won’t spoil the end…

millie titleMillie the Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim

A slightly newer story. Meet Millie, a rubbish mermaid who can’t even swim! However, when a pirate ship runs aground, she dashes into action! Based on the story of Grace Darling, this fishy tale (tail?) is a winner…

Sir Pranceabout and the DragonSir Pranceabout

Join noble Sir Pranceabout as he takes on a cantankerous dragon! This story is designed to get the listener to use their noodle as their thinking skills powers will be tested to the full!


gobbinGobbin’ Hood and his Merry Phlegm!

Disgusting! Gobbin’ must best the evil King John in a spitting match to win the hand of the fair Maid Carryon. Seriously, one of the most disgusting things I’ve written!



McTavishSweaty Pits McTavish!

Sweaty Pits McTavish is a superhero with an amazing superpower, the power of Super Sweaty Armpits! Join McTavish as he flies around Scotland saving the day in the most outrageous ways! Armpits Assemble!



Like a bunch of unruly teenagers, my stories have ended up stropping about all over the web. You’ll find some here (in the Sensory Stories tab):

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