About Inclusive Stories

Inclusive Stories is a brand new, BETT award nominated portal of my special stories which have been lovingly brought to life by the technical wizards at Inclusive Technology. Each story has been professionally animated and narrated to give a TV quality experience. The stories will be playable on almost any device, and will be controllable using almost any access method – allowing EVERYONE to be special storytellers!

The stories have been designed to appeal to ALL, whether they are being accessed on a sensory level, as a communication aid, by those with English as an additional language, those with processing difficulties and more.

Each story comes with: .

  • A TV Quality, fully controllable version of the story that can be viewed on almost any device and controlled using any access method;
  • A bespoke, comprehensive guide to telling each story to a variety of learners;
  • Bespoke recording sheets;
  • Symbols for AAC users;
  • Dozens of bespoke lesson ideas;
  • A recipe book!
  • Free ChooseITMaker activties;
  • Several printable resources including sensory craft activities, masks, puppets, pictures to decorate and lots, lots more.
  • EVERYTHING an educator or parent may need to deliver exciting, purposeful stories to all learners.

I promise you, your learners will LOVE it, and so will you

Find out more HERE.

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