Once Upon A Time…

There was a handsome, young m… What? No?

Okay then… Once Upon a Time, there was a handsome(ish), young(ish)…

Still no? Sigh, okay then! Once Upon a Time, there was a pretty average looking, slightly tubby fella who loved to write and tell stories to the most amazing children and teenagers in the world. Happy now? Sheesh!

Onward! These weren’t any old stories, oh by jolly Jiminy crikey no! Any Tom, Dick or Harriet can do that! These were special sensory stories – stories that were made to be experienced by the listener through the senses.  What’s the point of tickling a dragon if you can’t smell the blighter, eh? Where’s the fun in getting licked off a bogeyman if you can’t even feel his slobbering tongue on your mush? There’s certainly no point in climbing a whopping great beanstalk if you don’t get to taste the giant’s cornflakes at the top!

And because the storyteller is very lazy, erm… I mean, because the storyteller wanted to let the children actually tell his stories too, he made switch-adapted, multimedia versions of them. So now, children and teenagers who couldn’t speak with their mouths could be special storytellers too, anywhere they jolly well liked!! Sometimes, the stories were disgusting, as the storyteller loved getting his children into trouble! Sometimes, they were nicer, though not often.

Those stories were called Adapted Sensory Stories, and are now told by silly teachers, learners and practitioners across the world! But… as more children, teenagers and adults experienced and told those silly stories, the more they changed.

You see, just as there’s more than one way to pluck a rhinoceros, there’s also more than one way to tell a story. Sometimes, there are NO sensory props (except chocolate, there’s always chocolate;) sometimes it’s all symbol strips and jelly baths; sometimes it’s massage and music; sometimes it’s story buckets and choice making;  sometimes it’s communication aids and colourful semantics; sometimes it’s role play and dressing up; sometimes it’s live chickens and treacle – okay, that last one is a lie. What I’m saying (or writing, I’m not sitting here saying it, that would just be weird) it’s time for those Sensory Stories to grow up and become Special Stories! Like a phoenix rising from the flames or a majestic salmon leaping gracefully from a fishcake.

So why not let the Special Storyteller come to your setting to share some special stories? He can show you how to inspire all learners with them, give your staff some training in their use and different methods of delivery, he can show you ways to extend them across your curriculum or teach you how to make your own. Training will certainly be bespoke to your setting and I can guarantee it will be fun, useful and will give your staff free resources and a healthy dollop of inspiration!

Now is the time dear friends – a time for all eyes, ears, fingers & toes, noses and tongues to experience new stories in new and exciting ways! Let’s make Special Stories happen!

CHAAAAARGE!!! Oh, hang on a minute, I’ve left the iron on…

If you would like the Special Story Teller to come to you, contact him at specialstoryteller@gmail.com

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